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Finding Pleasure in Books
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What Is the Difference Between a Large Publishing House And a Small Press?

In the publishing business, knowledge is power. We highly recommend authors do their research before submitting books to or signing contracts with a large or small publisher. There are many articles on this subject. We have posted a few links below this article for your reference.


This can basically be summed up in a few points:


Large Publishing Houses

+ pay advances against royalties (may be as small as a couple thousand to upwards of five digits)

+ have an established distribution channel with a large marketing department

+ will be more likely to get professional reviews for their books

+ will have an easier time getting in-store placement of books

+ will produce high quality books

- usually will not spend too many promotional dollars on unknown authors

- retain all control over book covers and decision-making

- will be hesitant to publish a book unless they anticipate selling thousands of copies; will want authors with a successful track record

- will only take agented submissions (and finding an agent is tough!) 

- will require authors to take an active role in the promotion of their books


Small Presses Like Adamo Press

+ allow author input on cover design and other book basics, while still publishing a high-quality book

+ offer more personalized attention and more transparency during the entire publishing process

+ will accept unagented submissions

+ will be more likely to take a chance on an unknown author

+ have distribution agreements to get your books placed in all online outlets

- typically do not pay advances

- have little advertising/ marketing budgets

- will have a more difficult time getting books placed in-store

- will be less likely to get many professional reviews

- will require authors to take an active role in the promotion of their books


A Note On Vanity Presses vs. Small Presses -

Be careful! In a moment of desperation, many authors fall victim to unscrupulous companies out there who will take advantage of authors. These companies rely on making money from their authors, not from selling books. How will you know the difference? A legitimate publishing company will NEVER ask their authors to pay reading fees, or cover design fees, or any other fees.


A Legimate Small Press:

* will price your book competitively

* will pay careful attention to the editing of your book

* will create a cover with a professional appearance

* will offer you a contract that is easy to understand and is fair for both author and publisher

* will take care of the business part of publishing: distribution, pricing, printing, copyrighting, ISBNs

* will market your books, including through social media and their website


Our committment to our authors: Adamo Press will NEVER charge to read manuscripts or to publish books. We care about our authors and their books!


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