Finding Pleasure in Books
Finding Pleasure in Books
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CLAWDETTE THE CAT written and illustrated by Emmett Loverde


In his debut children's story, Clawdette the Cat, Emmett Loverde cleverly conveys the importance of accepting yourself and your individual talents, while also appreciating the talents of others. Set in Hollywood, Clawdette the Cat will appeal to both children and adults with its visually entertaining children's story.


Clawdette is an ordinary cat raised in a rather peculiar environment: a record company. One day one of the higher-ups in the company overhears Clawdette yowling merrily to herself and he quickly launches her to stratospheric heights of fame and fortune. Unfortunately Clawdette is quickly replaced by another animal making squeaky sounds, making her tumble from the top of the heap just as quick. But she handles her fall bravely and with good spirits because she understands that no one can ever take away the joy she still feels in yowling.


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