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Finding Pleasure in Books
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In the Empires and Kingdoms Series,The English Slave (Book One) was awarded a Five-Star review, their highest rating, by Readers' Favorite! See what reviewers are saying about The English Slave:


"Get ready for an exciting ride into a historical setting that will blow your mind...David Eugene Andrews' debut novel is a masterpiece...powerful prose...characters leap off the pages...wonderful craft of great dialogue...reads like a great movie....I couldn't put it aside for a moment."

- Romuald Dzemo, for Reader's Favorite


" intriguing look at some of the real life events in the life of Captain John come alive through dialogue and the relationships...writing style is engaging...vivid imagery...very interesting glimpse into history."

- Gisela Dixon, for Reader's Favorite


"We immediately jump into the thick of things, and Andrews keeps up the intense, engaging action." - reviewed by J. Aislynn d'Merricksson, posted in the San Francisco Book Review and the Seattle Book Review

Empires and Kingdoms: The English Slave

Written by David Eugene Andrews


Book One in the Empires and Kingdoms Series: THE ENGLISH SLAVE is an epic story of love and war, rebellion and power, religion and beauty. In this historical novel, author David Eugene Andrews solves a 400 year-old mystery—the true identity of the beautiful Turkish noblewoman who received Captain John Smith as a slave.


Based on Captain Smith’s personal memoirs, The English Slave tells how Smith—sorely wounded while fighting for the Holy Roman Empire in Eastern Europe—was sold into slavery at Axiopolis, an Ottoman border town on the lower Danube. The Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, Hasan the Fruiterer purchases Smith and sends him in chains to Stamboul to be delivered to Hasan’s bride-to-be, a young widow named Aisha, Sister of the Sultan, who is instructed to sell him for ransom.


Aisha quickly learns Capitano John Smith is no ordinary slave. Speaking to him in Italian, she recounts how her betrothed beat him on the battlefield. Captain John Smith vehemently protests: no one has ever defeated him in single combat. Beautiful Aisha faces a dilemma: if the Capitano’s words are true, then her fiancé lied to her. What will she do? Aisha must discover the truth about Captain John Smith and the man she is destined to marry. 


 Part of a multi-book series. 

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