Finding Pleasure in Books
Finding Pleasure in Books
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Ken Elliott




Ken Elliott is a graduate of Cal State University, Fullerton’s journalism school and currently teaches high school English in Orange County, CA. He lives in Huntington Beach with his wife, daughter, two dogs, and two cats.


Adamo Press is proud to present Ken Elliott's debut children's story The Wish.

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"It is refreshing to read a picture book about a strong relationship between a father and daughter. About the simplicity of really loving someone more than yourself....A beautiful story." - Mrs. Null from Read Aloud Literacy


Read Aloud Literacy Blog


"The Wish is a tender tale that will tug at your heartstrings...The carefully rendered black and white illustrations pair nicely with the gentleness of the story and I like how they beg to be colored in by the reader’s imagination. Any parent who has watched his/her child grow up and move away will most certainly relate to this story, but so will anyone who has a special connection with another person...The Wish is a sweet, sincere story ready to be shared with the special people in your life, children or adults." - Frog on a Blog


Frog on a Blog


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